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  1. Strateole-2 balloon flight campaign launched from Mahé in The Seychelles

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    31 Octobre 2019

    Strateole-2 is an international Earth-observation programme using stratospheric superpressure balloons being led by CNES and a consortium of research laboratories attached to CNRS, the French national scientific research centre, including LMD and LATMOS at the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute (see below). The programme’s goal is to study atmospheric dynamics in the intertropical zone. Three campaigns are planned from the autumn of 2019 to the spring of 2025 to acquire in-situ measurements and remote-sensing data from the balloons. The first balloon launch is scheduled from 1 November. The first two flights will be carrying ‘dummy’ gondolas without scientific instruments to see how the balloons and the onboard flight management system behave at the start of the flight. The window for the first four science flights runs from 17 to 30 November.

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