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  3. State Visits of President Emmanuel Macron to Ethiopia and Kenya France and Africa step up space cooperation

    Date de publication:

    14 Mars 2019

    President Emmanuel Macron paid state visits to Ethiopia on Wednesday 13 March and Kenya on Thursday 14 March. CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall was part of the delegation, reflecting the development of space cooperation between France and Africa supported by the agency, notably in the fields of applications and new technologies.

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  5. Balloons monitor the African monsoon

    Date de publication:

    7 Août 2006

    This summer, 3 stratospheric balloon campaigns are being conducted in West Africa to study the mechanisms of the African monsoon for the AMMA* international research programme. A press trip was organized to Benin and Niger for a dozen European and African journalists in July to highlight why we need to monitor the monsoon.

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